The MUSE is on the loose- II

Earlier in this blog, I wrote of M.U.S.E. or Metaphysical Universal Story Enlightenment.  Recently the spooky apparition appeared again, while I was doing final research in preparation for the publishing of my third book, The God Particle.  I was (leisurely) looking through a jaunty romp of a dissertation on sonar dynamics as it relates to thermo layers and cavitation anomalies of audio wave propagation in salt water.  Well as you know, when you are that deep into a subject you stumble on other things.

In my research of (here’s another ‘couldn’t put it down read’!) Deep Water Submarine Tactics of the Cold War 1962-1970, I stumbled across a mild reference to the undersea tapping of Soviet military phone lines (see the original M.U.S.E. blog for the amazing story of how I conjured up the name U.S.S. Halibut) but what I didn’t know then, when I wrote that blog, was that there was another Metaphysical shoe about to drop.

When I was writing the sub-plot of the nuclear missile submarine which introduces my main character, Brooke Burrell’s love interest, Captain Mush Morton.  I had already used the Halibut phone tap in the story, but now I needed a super-spook, retired. An individual who was a master spy and designer of some of the biggest and most effective spy missions ever, (like the tap) to tie that plot to Bill Hiccock at the White House.

Reaching into my character name bag, I played with a few names for this super spook. I played with, Marshall (too obvious), Mack (no, I already had a Mack in The Eighth Day). Then I randomly heard on the radio in the background someone mention an old radio personality, Gene Klaven.  I liked Klaven, so bang, my super spook retired, was now Russ Klaven (friends call him Clay) but that was months ago, last week in military history files I found this…
Later, in a brainstorm, Commander John Craven dreamed up the idea of tapping a Russian undersea telephone cable under the Sea of Okhotsk…   The sub, Halibut, was refitted for the mission and a “tap” was designed for the effort.

Okay, Craven – Klaven.  Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent. Close enough to make the tiny hairs on the back of my neck stand up and take notice.

Yes the Muse is on the loose again, and I take it as a sign that I am doing something that resonates with the universal intellect.

You may now readjust your writing shockra.

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