Pirates of the Carribean vs. Royalty

Tom AvitabileI do most of my writing on a beach in Puerto Rico, so my books are essentially born in the Caribbean. And, just like a few hundred years ago, there are pirates out there. I was just informed that my book is now available for pirating. Yo, ho, ho, and a bottle of bites!

I don’t know whether to be honored or infuriated. As it stands now, in epublishing, if the wind blows right and the month ends in an “R”, I think I make thirteen cents on a book. Some clever person has spent hours of their time to figure out how to pilfer my ebook, along with my thirteen cent ‘royalty’.

Historical note: The Royalty of the day, the Kings and Queens of England, Spain, Portugal and France sent armadas to eradicate the pirates of that era.

I guess these days, having your royalty pirated is just like having a Hollywood stalker or being investigated for income tax. In certain social circles, it might be considered chic. I tend to think it’s really stupid and really dumb.

A few years back, I submitted a commercial to the RIAA. It was touchy, but I wanted it to be edgy. It was essentially Paul McCartney and his wife walking down the street, when a fan comes up and says, “Oh my God! You’re Paul McCartney!” He then pulls out a knife, and he says, “I love what you do. Give me your watch. I love your music! Your ring. I love the Beatles! Her ring. …and when you went out on your own, and when you had that beard, it was great! Uh, the wallet please?” And the tagline of the commercial was, “When you illegally download their music, it’s the same thing.”  It then ended with the crook saying, “I love you, man!” to Paul, as he snatches his wife’s necklace.

I wonder if I can get Sir Paul to speak with the Queen about raising an armada?

2 thoughts on “Pirates of the Carribean vs. Royalty

  1. Thanks for the encouraging words, mcarrera7. The good news is, piracy has taken a hit but sadly it is always going to be a problem. It seems like its a part of human nature to find ways around paying.
    Tom Avitabile

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