The NEW Italian Renaissance

Tom Avitabile | The NEW Italian RenaissanceThis new renaissance is brought to us by the two most famous Italians in history; forget DaVinci and Michelangelo, I’m talking about Mario and Luigi.

The world will soon be divided into two classes: The addicted class and the non-addicted class. The defining addiction will be to Digitally Enhanced Living (DEL).

The non-addictive folks will be cursed to suffer the raw, naked, unfair, unkind, slow, unpredictable, low-tech reality of being an organic life form (factory installed). The people who are addicted to DEL will live in their own plugged-in world, and will have no need to share their lives in the physical reality. An unplugged person will be limited to the friends and loved ones they can manage to interact with on a human level while the DEL will have virtually millions of friends. What do I see as the first page of this Orwellian nightmare?

Google Glasses. Finally the isolation of sitting hours and hours in your mom’s basement on your computer, trying to be relevant, can now brought to the great outdoors. Bring your fantasy-based, illusion-generated life with you wherever you go. On second thought, why go anywhere?

DEL is a lot cleaner than drugs and the abuse is not as obvious. Although the same social ostracization may result, by the numbers it will be considered more ‘acceptable.’

Its roots are found in, and brought to you by, the same generation that got hooked on kiddy cocaine, you know: Donkey Kong, Mario Brothers and that incessant beep*de beep*de beepity*beep music of their soundtracks.

How many kids aged 8 and up never saw the light of day on Saturdays because they were inside playing video games? Probably a comparable amount to the number of adults today who stay up late during the week to play online…think of what’s available online to keep them up: high-stakes gambling, porn, day trading in Tokyo, bookkeeping fetish websites… all reasons to focus your attention on a screen that is tiny, no matter how big it is.

And now, we can do it all walking down the street with Google Glasses. Google Glasses are rose colored glasses 2.0  (100 times 10 to the 18th power of mere analog glasses. That’s 10 with a million zeroes.) Those stupid old analog rose colored glasses of yore only tinted the world into a pleasing tone. With Google Glasses, you’ll be able to create your world in any reality you desire. And here’s the really good part– once the people at Google meet the people at Aura, and suddenly shape recognition and motion tracking are instantaneously rendered “live” as you walk down the street or watch a play (wait, you wouldn’t need to go to a play just run it in your glasses.) With this new technology, we will all be unshackled by the limits of reality, to the point that we will be able to change the color of every car to pink or all buildings to Teepees – or to turn everyone you see to Lady Gaga (meat dress optional on a pull down menu activated by your eye movement.) Yes, you can even put Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds… groovy!

And let’s not even think about what Madison Avenue can do.  If an attractive person walks down the street and the glasses infer that, due to the 2.3 second longer lingering it senses you have done, which is outside your attention pattern, and that focus being certain parts of the male or female anatomy, then the Aura kicks in and then every flat space, billboard, bus shelter, cab top and subway ad ‘space’ is instantaneously transformed into ads for condoms!

So who will prosper between these two worlds that play out on the same stage? Who will become a cell of the cellular network and be the eyes and ears of a national socialist network, and who will be unplugged and vulnerable to the whims of nature and mankind?

I will be a member of the latter. And you, in the meat dress, I wonder to which group you’ll belong?

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Tom Avitabile

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