The Accidental Author

With this posting we start a new series of audio blogs, The Accidental Author. Recently I did a radio show on WESU-FM from Wesleyan College with Jeff Sherman, who’s normal beat is business. However, he offered me the rare opportunity to do a full hour, just the two of us, and we talked all about my writing. During the broadcast many callers and tweeters expressed the same sentiment; they’d like to write a book, but the process seems either daunting or beyond their skill set.

The epiphany from which the idea of this mini-series, Accidental Author emerged occurred during that show. The following is the first of six, 7-minute multi-media excerpts from the show. Much of the nuts and bolts and the heart and soul of writing is contained in these segments… whether you are an aspiring writer waiting for the lightning bolt of inspiration to strike or an accomplished author, I believe you find some great nuggets here and a way of couching what the writing experience is all about from someone like me; the last person on earth that should have been an author… Hence, The Accidental Author.


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