The incredibly self-serving promotional blog!

Tombstone4Every once in a while, I get a random E-mail from a reader that is suitable for being chiseled onto my tombstone…

As you can imagine, since I won’t get to enjoy it then, I am carving it into this blog, now.

As far as I can tell the woman who wrote this E-mail is an Executive Director of a prestigious International Institution and a very active patron of the arts here in New York. She wrote me after reading my fourth novel, The Devil’s Quota.

A personal reaction as I finished one or your novels. And be assured it is not a review …only a personal observation. I read a lot and a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction. And recently have been in a nonfiction period; some because of my job and the current situation in Paris and also my fondness for biography. My thumbs will abandon me before my observations about your talent are given full voice, so I need to cut to the chase. 

You are a great writer. And in my mind not only because you mastered your preferable way of expressing yourself in print but because you also had a commitment to getting the facts right in a suspense novel to make it both credible and engaging.

My personal observation (forgive me) from reading other acclaimed authors who write in that same vein, I think they never do well (at least in my reading of them) expressing …romance and …how and what happens when we deeply love. But you mined that desirable passionate part of us so effortlessly with Eric, using simple observations and dialogue, almost as a poet would.

For many other suspense authors there seems always to be a hard stop from the tough character exposition or plot development into the required sex scene or an attempt at romance that for me usually seems forced, contrived and not real.

Starting on page 117 what you wrote was not only real to me but combined passion with a sweetness every woman wants in a man and you suggested men want that too. How splendid, if true.

Well enough from me, I guess I am simply saying …well done and I did enjoy the tale and the journey.

B.T. (initialed for privacy – Tom)

1 thought on “The incredibly self-serving promotional blog!

  1. My dear absolutely dear friend. I did not read that one. This reader of yours nailed about you, what she described about your writing is how you speak too. That I can vouch for. This next week we will be delivering our flag to Governor in Conecticut, if you forgave me a little bit yet, would you like to come to be with Vinny , he misses you dearly. Is the 8th, in Nawgathoc, CT something like that at 5:30 PM I will send you the invitation

    Love always and always Monica

    Monica Carrera Sent on my GEAR UP🌎iPhone


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