When it’s time to let them go…

There are moments in the life of an author that are milestones, the tent poles of achievement. Those instances when imagination, creativity, and dedication all come to a finely honed point. After a year and a half of gestation, my next novel, Forgive Us Our Trespasses, left me to go out into the world and find its place in the literary firmament. Will it settle on top and be another number one like the novel it is the sequel to, Give Us This Day? No one knows. I do know that I love it, I am proud of it, and I feel it’s my best work ever.  

It’s the meshing of the characters as they advance through the plot, tightness of the story, and some of the serendipitous sparkles that came from the rewrites and the final after I got the PAGES from my publisher, for me. 

Pages is what they call the formatted pages or galleys that look just like the printed book will.  

Today I finished the last touch. Or, more specifically, the last time I’ll touch it before it comes back to me as a bound book. But I am so glad for that final touch to layer one more color, feather one more brushstroke, and bring a drop more detail to the literary picture the book will form in the mind of my readers. 

And now, the syndrome is not unlike postpartum depression when the birthing process is over. A very fit analogy, but I’ll leave that for the book to confirm. It goes on sale February of 2022. When I get the drop date, I’ll pass it on. Meanwhile, here’s the temp cover. We’ll have the actual cover reveal in a few weeks. 

Forgive Us Our Trespasses – Temp cover

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