“I wanna be a paperback writer…”

Ahh, the Beatles.  Who knew that way-back-when, the lyrics to their 1966 hit song, Paperback Writer, would come to fruition six decades later!  Well, Michelle, ma belle, it has happened. I have become a paperback writer… well sort of in a Magical Mystery Tour kind of way. First it was a hard cover… but the Beatles didn’t sing, “I want to be a hardcover writer.” But in a time-honored tradition, books that do really well, (like being a #1 bestseller, not that I’m bragging…much) are brought to the general public in paperback form.

NOW IN PAPERBACK! Presumably an ergonomically correct way to slip it in a pocket or pocketbook. So, if you have read The Devil’s Quota a while ago and want to Get Back to the intrigue and romance, or maybe you’d like to see what all the #1-ness was about, it’s now available in this handy dandy, convenient size that you can keep with you Eight Days A Week, Here There and Everywhere.  (I’ll stop now) Same great thrills and aha moments in a nifty new format!  

Publisher’s note: No Norwegian Wood was used in the production of this paperback!

Here’s the cover blurb:

Next Time: Yet another paperback to add to your collection of my (FAB) FOUR #1 bestsellers!

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