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Aavitabile-headshot-2uthor Tom Avitabile, a Senior V.P./Creative Director at a New York advertising firm, is a writer, director, and producer with numerous film and television credits.  His extensive background in computers and engineering led him to work with the House Committee on Science Space and Technology.  Tom’s powerful imagination, fed from his experiences in Washington, allowed him to conjure up not only possible security threats, but also real life scenarios relating to how the government and individuals would respond to the high-tech assaults that are featured prominently in his three book “thrillogy.” These novels chronicle the exploits of Science Advisor to the President, “Wild” Bill Hiccock. The first techno-thriller of this series, The Eighth Day, became a Barnes and Noble #1 bestseller. In his next thriller, The Devil’s Quota, Avitabile departs from the high-tech genre and sheds daylight on an evil international syndicate, a story of sexual deviation, greed, human trafficking and corruption.

17 thoughts on “Meet the author

  1. Tom:
    Love your new website and blog. If the “Hammer Of God” is anything like “The Eighth Day”, I cannot wait to read your exciting novel. You are a terrific writer whose stores are full of suspense and always with a susprise ending. Keep writing and hopefully your character “Wild Bill” Hiccock will go beyond a thrilogy.

  2. Tom,
    So interesting to see what you have been doing . I am going to read those books.
    Also good to connect with old friends.

    Linda Morganstein

  3. I am hooked on your novels. Waiting on the God Particle

    So much fun to reminisce your hero’s growing up in the Bronx. For me it is a trip down memory lane.

    Thank you

    Tom Burns, a product of Holy Spirit School and Cardinal Hayes, and then Iona

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  5. SO EXCITED TO READ THESE BOOKS! Was just watching Tom on CONNECTICUT STYLE & would love the opportunity to get my hands on ANY of these books! I find him & his knowledge to be so intriguing! A man that hold all this “juicy” information us “mortals” would not be able to otherwise access! AlsoI am very inspired by him writing these later in life!Sending much deserved success, HOPEFUL WINNER, T.S.
    “It’s only fiction…’till it happens!”- T.A.

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  7. if u get this message, it’s from a special friend from you’re sagaponack/ wainscott days…I just found your books and can’t believe what a big success u r in the writing world 🌺 ok Tom adorablely as I use to call you.i don’t want my phone out there so use my email and I’ll get back to u
    Your always admirer …Lynda 2

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