Out of the Box… Office

Elsewhere in these Blogs I have written about the comments of some people who write me to say, “I could see the movie as I was reading your book.” That started me thinking, if someone can “see the movie”, how good a director, art director, casting director etc. are they? My book becomes the screenplay, but the color, tone, composition and flow of the “movie” is totally developed by them.
How interesting it would be for them to You Tube their movie of my book to me. What would I see? “Wow, I didn’t know that character was a short guy?” “She was a redhead?” “He talked slow like that?” “He would never wear that tie.”
Unless of course I wrote, “ He was wearing his emerald green tie with the shamrocks embossed on it in honor of St. Patty’s day. Otherwise, chartreuse? How does the internal movie director of my reader, affect my story?
Recently, I participated in a Book Club Q&A session over Skype. When people who read the book, recounted their favorite scenes, I was amazed at the details they “wrote in” as they went on and described in almost perfect recall, like they were there, even down to the green tie!!!
My initial urge was to correct their staging and directing of my scene, re-edit the action, recast the players and adjust the props. But… All you can do is put it on the paper. The rest of the process happens in the mind of the reader. That’s why they read books! After all, what everybody really wants to do is DIRECT!