Hammer hits the stores THIS WEEK!

On Tuesday, April 10, 2012, Hammer of God was released. SEE 2 VIDEOS BELOW: Hammer’s exciting Book Trailer, plus hear the author read an excerpt as the words scroll across your screen. Then, grab your copy today:

BUY TODAY: Amazon.com bn.com 

Read the Book – See the Movie

A hundred years ago, the book was the primary narrative. It transported readers to places that they’d probably never see and cultures that they’d never experience in their lives. The book was a window to another world in their hands.

Even today with our LCD, Flat screen, Smart phone, iPad screens, we still usually make visual associations when we read. This is a part of human psychology, people come in three flavors, visual, aural, or kinesthetic as they read and learn. That is, at first, do they see something, do they hear something or do they feel something? People who gravitate towards my books are either visual learners or my style brings that out in them. Continue reading