The NEW Italian Renaissance

Tom Avitabile | The NEW Italian RenaissanceThis new renaissance is brought to us by the two most famous Italians in history; forget DaVinci and Michelangelo, I’m talking about Mario and Luigi.

The world will soon be divided into two classes: The addicted class and the non-addicted class. The defining addiction will be to Digitally Enhanced Living (DEL).

The non-addictive folks will be cursed to suffer the raw, naked, unfair, unkind, slow, unpredictable, low-tech reality of being an organic life form (factory installed). The people who are addicted to DEL will live in their own plugged-in world, and will have no need to share their lives in the physical reality. An unplugged person will be limited to the friends and loved ones they can manage to interact with on a human level while the DEL will have virtually millions of friends. What do I see as the first page of this Orwellian nightmare?

Google Glasses. Finally the isolation of sitting hours and hours in your mom’s basement on your computer, trying to be relevant, can now brought to the great outdoors. Bring your fantasy-based, illusion-generated life with you wherever you go. On second thought, why go anywhere? Continue reading “The NEW Italian Renaissance”