In light of the Sony Pictures hack; An Open letter to The NSA and North Koreans

Hi guys,

I guess you’ve already read this while I was typing it, but just to cover my butt, I am posting it here to make it even easier for you to scrape, scan, monitor or scrub.

I just want to say, “Yeah that was me, you know, the guy who is researching the weak-spots in hulls of US Naval submarines. Oh, and yeah it was me who was looking up the proper salutation for a Sheik who is also a rich European playboy. Um, and I was also the one who was trying to find the nodal points of the Super-Collider at Cern. Yeah, that was me, looking up the Berretta .25 cal., a gun small enough to fit in a bra. And yes, truth be known, I was a guy that looked up psychological profiles of female FBI agents. And those are my fingerprints all over the map of Camp David. Don’t be alarmed but it was just me researching shark attacks in open water and the survival skills course at Quantico. And… you know that person that was reviewing presidential protocol within the White House – me again. Also my bad for the searching into, Louboutin boots, The great Cathedral at Paris, assassination attempts on the Pope, Nuclear containment crucibles, rogue black market Russian Generals, the French Riviera, murders at European night clubs and top secret medals given for extreme bravery.

Look NSA guys, I can save you a lot of trouble, just go to my computer, where you already have been, and hack into the manuscript for my upcoming book, The God Particle, and you’ll see how all of these things are just plot elements in my exciting new thriller. Or save yourself the trouble and just buy a copy it came out on June 17th when The God Particle hit the shelves (also available on Amazon and B&N so you can swipe it from there)

So… we’re cool, right?

Tom Avitabile
Name and address withheld because you already know it.

Hollywood Ending…


Haven’t we seen this movie (hacked) a hundred times already?

Okay, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of Insanity… and Hollywood. Think sequels! Here’s a big idea to remember in this technological age in which we all live; the last thing that is yours, the last thing that no one can steal from you, the last thing that no one can use against you, is your own internal thoughts. They are privately held in your mind. They are the very origin and exacting definition of “intellectual property.”

That’s a term Hollywood knows well. They’ve got thousands of lawyer’s and hundreds of ways to screw you out of your intellectual property, while having the FBI protect theirs. But I digress.

We are talking about the smartest people on earth here. That must be because we shell out 35-billion dollars a year for their games and movies -almost everything they produce. Well, these masters of technology, art and marketing, forgot that an E-mail, a computer and even the Internet, are not extensions of their central nervous system. That cybernetics is not an extension of who they are. These inept TECHNOSPIENS are seduced away from the common sense logic that the web is not a part of their private, mental space, but instead a public, at times very public, space. When these high-priced executives foolishly think it’s secure they believe they are actually communicating, one-on-one with another person in private.

We now know, and have seen this movie at least a hundred times so far, that they are in fact connecting through at least a dozen nodes, network choke points and just as many opportunities for someone to invade the communicated thoughts of these geniuses. Their most insightful, embarrassing and detrimental thoughts that is… laid bare to the world. Smug little comments and corporate secrets, all damaging to their business and stature that they freely expressed in an E-mail. AN E-MAIL!… HELLO.

This is so unnecessary because Hollywood has made at least a few dozen movies (including optioning my book, The Eighth Day) about when evildoers assume identity; erase a person’s data, or hackers hack (starring Gene Hackman, I believe) . BUT not once did these enlightened folks ever get the very message they were sending out to an enraptured audience… that being: Beware the Internet, take heed that Big Brother is always watching, listening and digesting your entire “on-line life.”

Of course they have an excuse. In most of their dystopian-internet yarns, the evil is the government… the all powerful, all knowing and very capable federal government (only in the movies, by the way) So here’s the behavioral truth brought out by how these guardians of the public taste and trends- these titans of Hollywood conduct their own lives: They never really thought the government would do this to them. At this point I have to remind you that the name of this blog and my tag line is, “It’s Only Fiction ‘til It Happens.” After all, they support political candidates and causes. They donate, in a way, by waving their huge appearance fees to show up for a lowly “cause non-celeb” and make it an instant, cause-celeb! We can deduce from the actions and false trust in the Internet, that they never held much faith in their own storylines, namely that someone would, purloin, scrub, scrape or out-right expose their private E-mails … Amazingly these are the same folks who thoughtfully considered how many millions to spend on, and how many movies to “green light” into production about Edward Snowden!

Well they got it half right and half wrong… it was the government, just not ours. How do you say, “That’s a Wrap!” In North Korean?

P.S. How do you say, “Did they mention, The Eighth Day, in the e-mails and whether or not why were considering funding the movie?” in North Korean?

Machine Gunner # 3 and the Korean Miley Cyrus.

The Collective
The Collective

I’m really pissed off. I read an article this morning and it’s really pissing me off. It was about none other than that international butterball, Kim Jong-un of North Korea.

In America, Miley Cyrus does a suggestive, some say near pornographic performance, at the MTV awards and most people yawn or cluck their tongues. In North Korea, a beautiful singer, who sings party line propaganda songs while she’s extolling the joys of working in a state run factory, is machine gunned at the order of this little North Korean meatball in a soldier’s suit. Not figuratively machine gunned, but actually machine gunned! This despicable offspring of a degenerate leader, had this 22-year old girl and 12 members of her orchestra lined up and executed by machine gun fire!  Torn apart by hundreds of bullets per second ripping through their bodies.

But WAIT! That wasn’t the half of it. He rounded up all their families. 12 Families! Sons, daughters, moms, dads, grand folk and forced them to WATCH! Let me say that again, he made them witness the murder of their loved ones, by machine gun! And then, operating under the ‘guilt by association’ theory, he had them ALL, every family member, sent to prison for life.

MTV NEWS FLASH: This happened within 200 miles of where your Samsung phone comes from.

Those executed were simple musicians and they did nothing but bring music and joy to the world….machined gunned! This heinous act goes to the basis of what we as authors write about all the time, which is – to have a thriller, we need an antagonist who is willing to do the unthinkable.

Especially in terms of wide scope, political-global thrillers, you need to define your hero byTom Avitabile the evil they overcome. That means coming up with evil characters who are willing to do the unthinkable so that by reflection you can create greater heroes to stop them. When envisioning a plot line you try to figure out, what would be the master evil that would be worthy of a master hero?

You feel guilty sometimes sitting there trying to think these things up and then the world comes knocking at your door with even more unthinkable things than an author could imagine. Like this dipshit in Korea. You just want to believe, for just a second, that this is just a book, just a fictional story, an author’s idea of a bad actor as opposed to what it really is, which is a real, living, breathing human atrocity.

But while were on the notion of writing characters, consider for a second the tale of Machine Gunner # 3.  The Dear Leader, Kim Jong Un, has ordered a young 22-year old singer and her orchestra to be cut in half by machine gun fire. Okay, no big deal, probably just a normal Thursday in this garden spot on the world’s ass.

However, a machine gun is operated by a soldier and a soldier is part of a chain of command. So here’s this meatball, in an army suit, who orders these men to kill a beautiful girl and 12 other musicians… in front of their families.

Tom Avitabile As a writing exercise, just think about that third machine gunner from the left, what’s he thinking about? Is what he is about to do done out of total blind devotion to this despicable, overgrown baby, in an Army uniform? Or is it something else? Something that we don’t even see as a free people? So distant that we, who are so far on the other side of the civilized line, can no longer comprehend. Maybe it’s buried so deeply in our history and genetic DNA? The neanderthal ability to be pack animals, where we could be the ‘beta males’ or the beta dogs to the alpha dog?

What is it? How can the third machine gunner be there and not turn his gun on the guys who are about the kill innocent people? How did he grow up? What kind of values were stressed to him that he could kill a daughter in front of her mother and father and all the other family members? And worse, carry out this deed at the capricious whim of this Kim dirt bag, who as far as we can tell, is only in power by accident of birth.

When I zero this all out, it comes down to what I talked about last time which is, “The Collective.” The collective allows for the machine gunner to carry out his duty because it’s all about the party, the central committee, it’s all about the group.

What is desperately needed in North Korea is an individual! A person who says, “No, I’m not going to do that, I’m not gonna machine gun innocent people because you got a hard-on for them or they pissed on your wife’s petunias and you wanna just eradicate them not to hear her nag you about them.”

Last year, Dear Leader, killed a guy with a mortar shell! His command to his loyal troops was, “I want nothing of him, not even his hair, to be left.” So they had the guy stand in a circle where they’ had already zeroed in one mortar shell and they blew him to bits with another mortar round. Sweet right! It’s like the lowest, base form of humanity plumbing the extreme depths of depravity that men can sink to, are brought to the forefront by the anonymity and autonomy of the Collective.

Back to that third machine gunner, what type of education, schooling, indoctrination did he receive?  What type of “the government is always right,” brain washing occurred?

How many times did his teachers impart the party line that he is nothing but a cog in a wheel? How hard did the collective and all those who benefited from its distribution of labor by subjugating others, have to work on his character to diminish any sense of him as an individual?  How did they crush his spirit to get to the point where he could point a machine gun at a person who he watched sing and dance on TV, then have the indifference to pull the trigger?

Even in western executions, if you have a 10 man firing squad, there are nine bullets and one blank, no one knows who drew the blank  — so that all soldiers can walk away and say “It wasn’t me.” There’s that plausible deniability to the antithetic action of a human pulling the trigger to kill an unarmed person in cold blood. Of course, we don’t use firing squads to eliminate Bruce Springsteen or Miley Cyrus, but at least you knew that if we did, it would have been after due process, not the whim of a pile of human waste playing soldier.

machine gunBut Machine Gunner # 3, this guy knows it was him who pulled the trigger, so where does he go? Does he go home that night to his kids? Does he go home to a bare, one-room apartment and to his half a pound of rice that he’s guaranteed by the government that month?

This tragedy and the millions more in history, the thousands inflicted today and the countless more that will be committed tomorrow, are the fruit of the Collective. It fosters complicity by those who do not have individualism, do not have courage enough to stand up to tyranny. The first mission of the collective is the destruction of every model of individualism, individual values and individual rights. It all must be eliminated from their existence, education and culture. They are truly robots pulling the trigger with the same moral imperative as a machine.

When you write a hero you imbue them with the ability to see things clearly,  something that the people at large don’t see. The hero has insight or instinct that, when all evidence to the contrary indicates that he or she is wrong, they have a code to follow, a truth, an individual perspective that ultimately prevails. You see this in most every story where heroes or superheroes emerge. They have a sixth sense about right and wrong that guides them through. Even when everyone around them is telling them that they’re wrong or afraid to admit the truth.

Once again, this whole machine gunning happened within 200 miles of where your Samsung Galaxy phone comes from. On one side of the border they’re making hi-tech gadgets and Kia’s because the people there practice a basic from of democracy where the individual rises. On the other side of the border they have a ‘collective.’ A factory that breeds robot-men like Machine Gunner # 3 who could perforate the body of a 22-year old, beautiful singer and go home at night.  Odds are, he doesn’t have a cell phone.

It’s all right there on the Korean peninsula, the total height and the total depravity of human existence. It’s astounding.

P.S.  Dennis Rodman just made his second trip to North Korea to ‘hang with’ his friend, Kim Jong-un. Rodman has called Kim an “awesome guy.”

Production Value = Life or Death

“Did you hear about this guy named Ben Ghazi who killed a bunch of people in Libya? It was in the news a while back, and they said it was because of a video that some guy produced.” *

Tom Avitabile  |  Production Value = Life or DeathWhen I looked into it, I found that it’s wasn’t actually a video, it was just a trailer – a couple of minutes long posted on the internet. And at the time of the attack, maybe less than 500 people had seen this trailer. Yet it caused riots in Egypt, Libya and the Middle East. But more importantly, it really pissed off that Ben Ghazi guy.

Last week the North Koreans released their own YouTube video trailer. In this video they depict a nuclear attack on the United States, complete with missiles, computer graphics and the destruction of New York City. They even scored it with the counterpunctual melody of the Michael Jackson song We are the World… and yet there has been no outcry.

American people have not surrounded North Korean embassies or interests, screaming and yelling for the blood of the North Korean ambassador. As far as I know, no American named Chevy Chase, or Austin Texas killed four Korean diplomats. There has been no outcry in the press anywhere in the world over this shameful video. A vile, disgusting video that hit America below the belt, right in that deep and dark nightmare of the previous attack on the United States. Not a word of disapproval even to the point of just pointing out that it was rude. Not one word, not one peep.

Here’s the reason, Production Value! The Ben Ghazi guy video thing was crudely done, horribly edited, had bad ADR (Automated Dialog Replacement) in that the voices were chopped in after the shoot to change the meaning so that the actors who actually played the part didn’t know what they were saying because later on somebody went back in and edited different words. It was a real hack job. So bad, they arrested the guy who made it and he’s still in prison. (America defends good production values, and this dude’s were woefully inadequate)

But the North Korean video, now that’s excellent production value. It was a good CGI video, that’s the difference – good, clean production wins the day all the time. So nobody killed anybody, or lodged any complaint. Except for maybe one small group, BMI/ASCAP. Did those North Koreans pay the royalties to use the Michael Jackson hit? Forget about the whole thing about blowing up New York, illegal downloading may be the true crime here!

Oh, and this week, the North Koreans released another video, the one they shot of the detonation of their latest production – a nuclear bomb. But hey, at least they used High Def, so again, nobody anywhere in the world is saying nothing about anything.

*actually overheard in a Starbucks near NYU in New York City.

Tom Avitabile  |  Production Value = Life or Death

BS: For those of you who read my post from Monday but were wondering where the pictures were, scroll down to the updated post.

Tom Avitabile