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Amanda Baros

Jane Sizemore Ritz

 Kaycee Mason

Kelly Brasfield

Arinna Black

Scott Brady

JS Ritz

Shaunda Adams Eppes

Ashley Marie Morrissey

Suzanne Gregg

 Congrats to the giveaway winners. Your prize is on its way.  

Tom Avitabile’s “It’s Only Fiction..’til It Happens” T-shirt Giveaway

Authors and other writers alway seem to hold a definitive key to the future. Remember how Jules Vern wrote about space, air, and underwater travels well before it became possible. Well, Tom Avitabile’s work with the House committee on Science Space and Technology allowed him to see ideas emerge as fact. His “Wild Bill” Hiccock thrillogy will take your breathe away as Bill Hiccock embarks on a gripping fear-filled, all-too-realistic thrill ride where science and homeland security are tested beyond consideration.

From Nov. 19-Dec. 23 you can enter below to win one of ten of Tom Avitabile’s famous slogan T-shirts, “It’s Only Fiction… ’til It Happens.” Win this eye catching T-shirt in midnight black, navy, burgundy, and heather grey! CLICK below to enter.

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“The Eighth Day” Book Giveaway

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