Psst… Scientists! The God Particle’s Right Here — On My Desktop

Tom Avitabile missed a golden opportunity to have his book entitled "The God Particle" released when that very topic was in the news.There was a time when you were guaranteed to find yourself all alone in the corner of a cocktail party, with no one violating an eleven foot perimeter (so that not even the ten foot poles can touch you) as an immediate result of just uttering the words, “The God Particle.”  Or worse yet, “Higgs Boson.”  This immediate classification of social pariah was due, in large part, to the fact that the search for the glue that holds everything together had always been a small video game – played by the .0001% of the 1% of the top scientists who ever existed on earth.

So, naturally, I based the third book of my “thrillogy” on The God Particle.

Furthering my streak of brilliant decisions, I decided to give my book one final once over,  instead of releasing it as a summer book.

BUZZZ!  Wrong decision.

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