The Defending Super Bowl Champions

With Terrorism in the news I thought I’d remind us of one of the great victories in the battle to keep us all safe. Here’s a blog I wrote 2 years ago:

I write about the threat matrix. My novels pit the good guys’ brains against terrorist brawn.  In the course of my writing, I have done much research into some really scary stuff. The ‘keep you awake’ all night kind of nasty scenarios where America is just one virtual box cutter away from suffering another devastating attack. Yet, this past week the Super Bowl of all terrorist events played out safely with the terrorists as effective as a Peyton Manning overhead snap.  The final score:


The zip, nada, goose egg shut out to the terrorist’s team was accomplished, as in the game, with over powering defense.   It is my intention to present the MVP. (Most Valuable Protection) award to the NYPD, New York and New Jersey State Police, the Joint Terrorism Task Force and the hundreds of other organizations and departments that did their job so well that the only injuries at the biggest juiciest terrorist target in the world were on the football field.

SuperBowl1Now there may have been some plays “off the field” that we will never see in a replay, but we do know this; no terrorist got to spike the ball at the Stadium or Times Square. Or… The Mall of America for that matter, which would have been an effective play action fake.

Our first responders insured there was no need for any response. As you know, the dedicated men and women, who did such a magnificent job keeping millions safe, didn’t get a trophy. No sweatshirts or hats magically appeared with a Super Bowl Defending Champions logo emblazoned on them the minute the game ended. Instead, they finally got to have a good night’s sleep.  But they dream as champions in the greatest contest of all, with the direst consequences.

Sleep well, as we all do, thanks to you.

God Bless you and thank you, thank you all.

Tom Avitabile

Digital Deputies

In 2008, when terrorists attacked the hotels in Mumbai, technology was working for them and against the authorities. Those cretins had accomplices on the outside who used cell phones, video cameras and other tech to tell the bad guys, who were inside the hotel, where the cops were and what they were doing on the outside. This ‘real time intel’ allowed the killers more time to kill innocent people and thwart the efforts of authorities to mount a counter-attack. The terrorists could preemptively strike at places the observers on the outside told them the police were amassing. They could move away from places in the hotel where police were entering. 

images-1Last week in Boston, technology came over to our side. Citizens became the observers; crowd sourcing became the new law enforcement tool.  Smart phones became the anti-terror weapon.  The net effect was the people of Boston became Digital Deputies. 

From a psychological perspective, no act of terror can now be contemplated without this new phalanx of smart eyes and smart ears, in the hands of the digitally deputized public, entering into the terrorist’s calculus.  I hope that’s enough to tell these would-be murderers to go somewhere else, or better yet, forget doing anything at all.

We cherish our freedoms; our nation and the American culture founded around them and we have prospered by holding them above all else as sacrosanct.  Running a marathon, attending a sporting event, or celebrating a holiday by parade or public gathering are basic expressions of those freedoms. Sadly, these events are also a magnet to those who would choose to make a political statement by committing violence.  This time, as President Obama said, “they picked the wrong city.” The resilience and spirit of ‘Boston Strong’ proves that the terrorists not only picked the wrong city but the wrong country as well.   

If you can, you can support the victims of the bombing, I found and donated to, The One Boston Fund, which helps the people most affected by the tragic events that occurred in Boston on April 15, 2013.