The Eighth Day

“The Eighth Day” is a political techno thriller by first-time author Tom Avitabile about a normally behind-the-scenes government official who is catapulted into the limelight while desperately trying to stop a series of bizarre and deadly terrorist attacks. 

As “The Eighth Day” opens, a series of seemingly unrelated homegrown terrorist attacks is plaguing the nation. A chemical engineer sets in motion a horrendous explosion killing hundreds of commuters and himself. Hollywood’s hottest sex symbol assassinates a sitting Senator. A grandmother stages a sophisticated attack on a train causing massive damage. An airplane full of Silicon Valley’s brightest is blown up while refueling. Is this a series of random, deadly events or the unlikely start of an insidious new terror wave? Add to that the suspected tampering with a Presidential election, the use of the Navy’s nuclear tipped rockets againstCalifornia, the collapse of the stock market from within and the ultimate “merging” ofHollywood and politics and you’ve got an incendiary mix that explodes across the pages.

From the moment Science Advisor to the President William “Wild Bill” Hiccock sticks his foot in his mouth and is tasked with identifying and stopping the threat, he becomes the target of the “established” law enforcement agencies. While watching his back and watching out for the bad guys, he assembles a ragtag group of “out-of-the-box” thinkers—a famous novelist, a retired Navy Admiral, a wise-guy computer hacker sprung from federal prison and his ex-wife, a leading behavioral psychologist—who must identify and destroy their elusive adversary.

“The book’s theme of a diabolical terrorist threat coupled with a compelling hero in ‘Wild Bill’ Hiccock, whom we expect to see more of in upcoming books from Tom Avitabile, makes ‘The Eighth Day’ a book that readers will find impossible to put down,” said Borders Group’s Executive Vice President of Merchandising and Marketing Rob Gruen. “This story features non-stop action and is so gripping that Borders has acquired the options for the film rights. That’s how much we believe in it.”


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