The Thrillogy

Dear Reader,

All three books are centered on my operating theory that what I write is science fact, fictionalized.  As always, I rely on my history of having been in TV, worked for Congress, spent time in Washington and had some interaction with America’s Armed Services and defense systems.  Of course, my healthy respect for conspiracy theories, obscure science fact and the insights into human behavior gleened from decades of as a film Director, all add up to the sum total of what I write.

Book three, which was inspired by a brief encounter with a famous female writer while I was on a press promotion with book one, is more Brooke’s book than anyone else’s. It has more about her, her love life, her work life, her near loss of life and finding a new life.  From the Indian Ocean, to Washington, to Paris, to the Sudanese desert, to the Cote d’Azur to Geneva, it’s quite a ride. I have attached the prologue and first chapter from The God Particle below.

Look for more adventures of the Quarterback Operations Cluster: White House, in the third installment of my “Thrillogy,” entitled, The God Particle.

I hope you like it. And remember my trademarked; copyrighted; patent pending, logo line, “It’s Only Fiction …’till it Happens!” 

With deep appreciation for your readership,
Tom Avitabile